Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Tower of Fantasy fans will soon have the opportunity to get a new Simulacrum named Claudia.

The developers at Hotta Studio released a trailer that showed Claudia on camera, alongside her huge Guren Blade.

She will be in a limited order on September 15.

You can watch the trailer below to get started with Claudia.

Here is how Claudia was described by the developer: “My book is gonna make fun of him.”

This world has no absolute justice.

You are capable and honest, and you’re always the first to be a fight-header. Claudia’s presence inspires other Executors, who see her as her the goddess of victory. Those who don’t know his nightmare hardly know.

Tower of Fantasy has been released on August 11, 2022,for PC, iOS, and Android.

You can read the review if you like to learn more about the game. You can also enjoy an atrailer focusing on the world,another on the story, another on mounts,another about combat,another on motorcycling, one on the characters, an example of Form II, and an explanation of the customization.

More videos show how to traverse the vast open world of Aida with different methods of motorcycling, and swimming.

Tower of Fantasy is a RPG spanning the whole open world spanning hundreds of years in the future on Aida. Hotta Studio Designed to inspire anime in the sleeve, is inspired by post-apocalyptic sci-fi story, a rich character development and an exciting action combat.

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