Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The PC version of UNDETECTED is going to be released on September 30th for $14.99, the publisher Digerati announced on September 30th. The Xbox 5, Xbox 3 and Xbox 4 will get on later in 2022.

Here’s a picture of this game, via Digerati:

UNDETECTED was created by the Mexican developer Merlino Games. Following his 2021 debut, The Chameleon, is the studio’s second stealth-focused project. UNDETECTED offers classic, upward-down stealth action in a tense past, divided by social and political unrest.

Players play the role of Tenoch Kaan, an expert in non-lethal infiltration and an agent of the revolutionary group, Los Desplazados. Players have to use stealth tactics to hide guards and conceal from detection. With the Kaans-like eye enhancement, players can observe their surroundings; while a selection of bullet-type and explosives can be used to help Kaan stay a step ahead of the enemy.

Retro textures and models give an authentic, old-school visual design. They’re designed to complement classic gameplay and a dynamic sneaker-like look ensures that moments of wall-hugging sneakery feel extra tense and dramatic.

Watch a new trailer below.

PC Release Date Trailer.

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