Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

A company announced the intention of using public money to develop a domestic game engine like Unity or Unreal Engine. VK asked the Ministry of Digital Development to subsidy this sum to 3 Mrd. rubles, report businessman. Rostec had before requested the state government cash, but was refused.

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According to reports, the issue was made up in September by VK when the deputy head of the digital department of the state, Maxim Parshin, met with a spokesman on Sept. 2. The Rostec State Corporation planned on receiving funds from the Rosinfokominvest fund for the same purpose, but the Ministry of Digital Development recommended the approval of an RFRIT grant. The state corporation is starting to announce a grant, but according to the publication, it’s not opposed to joining forces with VK for joint work.

According to the game industry participants, although under current conditions, it’s possible that foreign game engines will be limited for Russian studios. The Ministry of Digital Development holds industry consultations relating to the formation of a new center of competency, a subject of which is real for the creation of a game engine.

VK is real wealthier than ever in the gaming field. The company includes: a platform for the development and publication of games for PC, consoles and mobile platforms, MY.Games, streaming services, I.Games Store and My.Games Cloud, and an investment structure MY.Games Venture Capital (MGVC). Moreover, back in the spring of the year, VK launched a game distribution platform in Russia.

Rostec admits VK could become a good partner. Joint development can be done in parallel thus that results can be achieved quicker. According to Communications’s sources in the IT industry, now only VK is fully equipped to execute an efficient project. The industry said that the engine developed on the expense of the state should be available to all developers who live in the country.

As long as we know, the Russian developers failed to obtain access to distribution sites for both mobile and computer games. Some sources in the gaming industry say that studios are already building legal entities in different countries to circumvent sanctions. A move to protect Russian games from game development is being made to keep games hidden from the game development project.

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