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Madness covered the grim London in the Victorian period, where the inhabitants suddenly broke into despair and unto the tune of death! Using a Tactical RPG Circus Electrique, all the scenes with Darkest Dungeon, circus management mechanics and a little visual novel we tell you what a combination it turned out to be.

Developer: Zen Studios Publisher: September 6, 2022 Release Date: Saber Interactive: September 6, 2022.

Circus Electric has a story and a pretty good one. A young journalist, Amelia, is in the zentrum of the story; she is on her uncle’s side, working at the re-opening of the Elektrikum circus. As soon as the accident finally happened the wrath of the man.

The people began to kill each other with burning eyes, and nearly got to Amelia, but she was saved by her uncle. What is happening and, importantly, how to get everything back from scratch, what we need to learn in concert with the artists.

When he comes to the story, there is an opposite between Circus Electric and an art novel; with no answer. From the start, Amelias pain has been conveyed to us that a girl is deeply offended by her uncle and blames her for the death of her mother. And therefore, besides the mission, we still have to deal with her feelings. Although the story doesn’t claim to be a Golden Globe, it has become a skeleton of the whole game, and it’s interesting to follow it.

A generation of aspiring gamers will see a lot of familiar mechanics. In this world, the fight is almost totally copied from that kind of roguelike. He was the one who was selected for the first time.

Each character has its own abilities and has a high stress indicator of loyalty. The battles are very difficult because you should remember about negative and positive effects, the place of fighters plays an important role, and a sudden miss or critical damage can override the outcome of a deliberate or hard, or if not very bad or not. In general, Circus Electrique can scare hardcore. However, in this case, the developers allow you to choose between easy, medium and high difficulty levels.

Unless we do this game, we don’t manage to handle ruthless mercenaries with blades under their pillows, but ordinary circus performers fat clowns, mustachioed strong men, escapists, fire tamers and other heroes. In Circus Electrique, there are 15 archetypes, with which one can have a simple and effective squad.

The developers could have made Circus Electrique a boring game by highlighting the mechanics of battles and imposing the player into the boring London of various villains. The other part of the game is here. It’s interesting because we walk round the city, from point one point, we stumble upon battles or random events, sometimes it’s enjoyable to play minigames and spend time having valuables, and for the end of the position we have a nice conversation with the boss.

A lot more attractive look like going from a brawl to a brawl. The circus becomes our refuge. You can hire young artists, craft something from the goods found, send a wounded soldier to the infirmary, and come to a different location that’s unfinished. These buildings can be upgraded and receive numerous bonuses. In this Circus Electric is like a simple economic manager.

And there’s an arena where you can perform and should. We do not wear the show every day before the battle. This is not done in one click. As a whole lot of small mechanics, the program is not the answer. You need to select a program, decide on the character (and the characters are friends or conflict-like, which is, of course, affect the result), allocate resources to achieve the desired result.

The performance of the circus is a huge part of the gameplay, but it gets boring quite quickly.

You can find out what results of the show are from the evening newspaper they will certainly write in the column, whether the audience was excited, or whether those sitting on the couch don’t lose anything when they come to us. The reviews were funny; there are interesting facts in the newspaper about the circus, the bizarre events in London.

Aside from these newspaper notes, text on loading screens, and other information, the authors of Circus Electric should be commended for the development of the LOR, and you truly believe that such a circus existed in reality. Unfortunately, we didn’t examine it.

Because of the number of variables, in the first hours of the game, we have not talked about a ton of resources the troupe finds in their adventure, the character attachment system (they can build relationships and receive bonuses) and other little things we are literally tipped into. Although this heap isn’t difficult to understand, around the corner of Circus Electrique, there is nothing to offer.

It is a look and smell for this photograph. On the one hand, the gloomy style emphasizes the Victorian world, which is facing difficult times. The 3D character models were frankly weak.

Unfortunately, I don’t want to scold Circus Electrique for all the best. Where else will we learn our own circus, and between performances – in complex tactical turn-based battles, where a fat clown and a strong man will be bludgeoning the disenthusiastic policemen and his abyss? For courage, for creativity and for the knowledge of world and mechanics, we like the game. We recommend presenting this with all the world’s likeness, and we recommend using it to a lot of fans who aim for Darkest, and also the very good of everyone, searching for anything a little odd.

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Unusual setting

A good story line, a novel style!

A sophisticated fight as an ambitious action, and it’s a complex battle in the spirit of Darkest Dungeon.

Different artist types with unique skills.

The world of the game is well thought out. Those who learn about it will be obtained in the newspapers and cut-scenes.

Charming style


The second half of the game has the most mechanics confirmed.

3D models look very cheap.

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