Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Asmongold’s teeth have been strained for a long time. She began to fall out when she was young because neither he nor her late mother, who was sick at that time, could afford dental bills.

He was very early to see it. When he was 25 years old, the condition of his teeth had worsened, so a dentist told him that it’s worth 50 dollars to fix them.

So he started taking the videos for YouTube because it was more lucrative. He still is plagued even though he was huge success, so he impacted his streaming schedule.

The reason is double. First, the stalwart had surgery on the stage to fix them, second, it was often used to cause complications.

Now he’s almost dead.

Screengrab via Asmongold in Twitch.

I had a major dental surgery today (still a few follow-ups), said Asmongold on Sep. 7; the debilitating part of the process that often impacted his streaming schedule is almost finished.

Of course, the follow-up dental appointments can be an awe at all times. But they will impact things far less than surgery did. He’s quite happy with his appearance as well.

It’s pretty scary having me smile in the mirror and not have a mouth like a chess board, he said. For the first time in 10 years he has been able to say that.

With the happiest surgery today (only a few follow-ups) It seems weird to be able to smile in the mirror and not see my mouth like a chess board.

Zack (@Asmongold) Sept. 7-2022.

Asmongold was in panic in the preparation for the final dental operation. I’ve been having a panic attack for three hours, he said on Sep 6 in his stream. He had to have four root canals.

Unfortunately, Asmongolds early fears are spreading in the end.

One True King even shot a picture of him with perfect teeth, which might be an accurate representation of what fans can expect for his performances.

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