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Kim Kardashian revealed in an interview she’d like to study acting as a actress. She seems especially interested in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kim Kardashian is not actively looking, he says. But if the opportunity arises, she is able to imagine a role suiting her interview magazine. Of course, Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige decide whether it will one day really come to that.

Kim Kardashian is a Marvel fan.

But the choice of the MCU wasn’t accidental. Kim Kardashian has always been a Marvel fan on his social media channels. Last year, she was a little overjoyed when he was speaking on Spider-Man: No Way Home. So she shared with her then over 273 million followers on Instagram shortly after the movie introduction that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield celebrated their comeback as Spider-Man. The film, meanwhile, is now back in cinemas as an extended shot.

Celebrities in the MCU aren’t uncommon.

In the last years, MCU fans have seen a celebrity in Marvel films a lot of times. I just wished for an appointment of a week in He-Hulk. The rapper appeared in Episode 3 of this series. Theoretically, multiverse in the MCU would offer a lot of possibilities with which Kim Kardashian could become a superhero, too. It’s unlikely that long-term play will be played.

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She-Hulk: An appearance by the music superstar made for guest.

She-Hulk is set to get an guest appearance soon from a music star. Well tell them who it is.

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What’s next in the CU?

If you are ever considering Disney’s new arrival today, you’ll see more attracted to you! The new episode of She-Hulk’s full-length series is available for later. The documentary – looking at the MCU-film scene – will soon be coming to an end today. I have another movie in the year that will take place from November 10 to 2022 in a cinema.

Those: Interview Magazine.

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