Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

After winning the EU Finals BBlade came back in front, the NA Finals got accomplished and the history was made to again. Last night, in one of the most intense single warzone matches ever held, Fifakill climbed the top ten by posing the 100k grand prize in the SoloYolo category. It was an extraordinary event that saw Fifakill as one of the world’s best soldiers in warzone history. He is well known for breaking records in the game, but his latest accomplishment surpasses them all.

As the tournament started, the situation was not too well in the world of Warzone, with a lot of bugs and errors. During World Series of Warzone, a slew of dev errors made for many different people – as well as a lot of others – shut up their careers. It was a particularly difficult moment for the competitors, as a restart wasn’t honoured, and the players effectively lost that round without starting even to start.

World War 3 is over.

Fifakill is arguably the world’s greatest player. He has taken many records and was able to win the biggest prize in the game. In April, he helped Jukeyz get to his partner’s wedding. In the win-winking event TimtheTatmans, he managed to get a $150k prize. Fifakill has won over the whole industry and beat a whole lobby to earn 100k per game.

You can watch Fifakill’s win this time re-watch!

Unfortunately, some of the most unusual Warzone issues entered the tournament, particularly when the category Trios was playing. The trio of Skullface, Mayappo and Hisoka stood in power and took a near-effortless win, but no journey wasn’t a long way without his issues. As stated by Aydan, the game was plagued with dev mistakes that have gone so common for the past a year, thus some players were quite literally kicked out of this game.

It was a huge moment, especially because the tournament organisers refused to allow any kind of restart or replay.

What’s Next for Warzone?

Warzone has failed for a while in order to get in touch with the community’s interest. Since Caldera was released, the players wonder whether Warzone was dying. However, the future has been bright and exciting for what is one of the best battle royale games of the history.

In November, a lot later this year, Warzone 2, which I wanted to say will be another completely different experience from what we have known and (sometimes) loved since March 2020. There is almost no information about the upcoming Warzone release, but then following Call of Duty: Next on September 15th, the full breakdown of what’s coming for Warzone will not be enough.

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