Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Sega has just announced that Football Manager 2023 will arrive on November 8th. Sega didn’t say what new features the game might have, but said it would return to PlayStation for the first time since Football Manager 2014 on the PS Vita. Apple Arcade will release the software for Mac and iPad users.

“FM23 is a huge step forward to the Football Manager series” as we start our season on two new platforms,” said Miles Jacobson, director of Sports Interactive. “Fans have been calling for us to do a PlayStation for a few years, so I want those players to finally become a real football manager.


We used football manager to predict AFCON 2022 winner.

We decided not to release a Touch game on iOS or Android in 2021 was a difficult and disappointing one for some of our fans. This exciting partnership with Apple Arcade allows us to reintroduce a popular title in a way that feels meaningful for us as a studio and broader FM community.

Football manager is a long-running series that dates back to 2005. When originally created for PC, this game has now migrated to mobile devices, such as Google Stadia, and a mainstream console like Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox360. Football Manager 2023 will be released via PS5, Xbox One X|S, Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade, PC/Mac via Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store.

The PC storefront will be open for two weeks before November 8. Pre-order now and you’ll be able to get a 20% discount.

Something a bit for sure is different from the years previously. Football Manager 2023 will have no discs. There’s a unique code which allows you to download the game digitally, whatever platform you choose. Sega said that this will reduce the carbon footprint of this year’s entry by 47 percent in comparison to FM22.

Last but not least, football manager 2023 will also release day one on Game Pass. The FM23 console will hit Xbox Game Pass, while Game Pass for PC will be the regular version. In the coming weeks, more info will come.

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