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We’re ready to present you some more areas from Texas DLC. Hop in the saddle and head off the lonely Star.


On the border with Mexico, Laredo is the hub of the two state governments’ transportation network. This section isn’t only an old checkpoint, but also the country’s largest entrance point. That’s the reason for that in our game we will have big industrial areas, a railway station and the ability to run right through the center.

Wichita Falls

According to the name, Wichita Falls is famous for its restored waterfalls. Almost 100 years ago there was a natural waterfall that was lost by a flood in the Wichita River, so the city decided to recreate this miracle by making an artificial waterfall. And one more thing, the highway continues over the city. It’s cool, right?


The small town of Dalhart is in the north of Texas. The city, despite the long drought of the 1930s, became a agribusiness center for Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Today, the local economy cannot overtake its huge potential, it still has its focus primarily on agriculture.


Longview is practically in the forest, so it doesn’t surprise me that it’s a city with a lot of fun and travel around East Texas. For truckers, time is limited. A industry surrounded by forest awaits you, especially local warehouses.


While the city, created in a tree-relative position, is surrounded by oil wells in Odessa, and therefore it makes sense that the industry of this particular area is mainly focused on oil refining. There are also sufficient rafters.

The major cities that you can explore on your Texas road trip include Fort Stockton, Van Horn, Abilene and Corpus Christi. Each of them will have a special design and a well-developed industry.

As we discussed earlier, we have also showed you some villages and this time we also have a few. Could you guess which scenes are in the camera? EDIT: Five of them were shot in the following photograph.

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