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Most regions in South America are as unpredictable as Europe at Dota 2 and having Hokori qualify for The International 2022 with a team made around three players back up in July is very great SA Dota.

Brayan Gardick Cardenas and ex-offener Pablo Vitaly Roman have held the Hokori roster for more than two years, swindling at all the highs and lows that come with constant rebuilds in a volatile area.

New feeling unlocked <3 pic.twitter.com/SklzWGrn1 reopens.

Hokori (@HokoriDota) September 7, 2022.

The pair were unable to qualify for TI while they was on the seventh place to finish the qualifying programme for TI and finally hit the reset button in the next Dota Pro Circuit. The 2022 season has treated them better, but they didn’t make enough progress to qualify for one major and were relegated to Division II on the Summer Tour.

After falling apart during the Summer Tour, the team went about the rebuilding around its two pillars, and brought in three players who had some experience playing with Gardick and Vitaly and training like never before with familiar faces leading to the event. Only to stumble in the lowest bracket after the first win.

I think this is the reason why we got to a less than stellar start – and spelled the end for Hokori in teams with more experience. Unfortunately, instead of bowing out, the team combined with an incredible 90 run to win the entire event, partly because of the little luck.

The run was not entirely perfect, Hokori was handed a 20 win over Tempest, the team who swept them and sent them to the lower bracket due to the problem with the link in the lower bracket finals.

The winners the team put up were very impressive, especially the 30-goal victory over qualifier favorites infamous in a series that saw every game go over 40 minutes.

Hokori’s third straight win over the Western Europes saw him win the semi-finals. By beating that win the org of Peruvian origin punched the ticket to its first TI, all while being placed into Division II for next season.

This also allows the three-and-a-half seasons to play at TI as well as Hokori being joined by beastcoast and Thunder Awaken at the event.

Congratulations, @HokoriDota! We are sorry for seeing you there pic.twitter.com/Ha1obmPdhd.

Beastcoast (@beastcoast) Sept.

Infamous and Tempest have the chance for redeemment at the TI11 Last Chance Qualifier in Singapore starting Oct. 8 and feature second and third place teams from each region qualies fighting for the final two spots in Dotas biggest stage.

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