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The battle for the best fantasy series is boiling with millions of viewers in the last four days attempting to watch both House of the Dragon and Rings of Power.

The rivalry between the dragons and the power-rings is expanding. Both of these are promoting viewership.

A separate study published by Samba TV showed that the premiere of the ‘The Lord of the Rings’: The Lord of the Power’s series was watched 1.8 million times in the first four days of the entire United States. This makes the movie trilogy to Lord of the Rings the most watched by Amazon. The first episode for Calls of Power is also the third most watched video premiere on Amazon Prime when it includes movies.

The numbers are good. But, as is HBO Maxs House of the Dragon, the numbers are huge. In the first four days, by the data, the video was recorded 4.8 million times. On Sunday night premiered the series, the viewership had already reached 2,6 million.

But as per #Amazon’s report, the viewership for the 2nd episode of TheRingsOfPowers, released on the same day as the Season Premiere, is two -28% lower than the first episode, the only 1.3M US households have gave a go to Ep 2 in its 1st 4 days. 3/5/50/D, with a hint to the fact that the first episode of the series being shown on the same day as Ep 1.

Luiz Fernando (@Luiz_Fernando_J) September 6, 2022.

Having been averaging 8 million in the first four days, House of the Dragon is firmly in the top of the world as it beat Stranger Things 4 as the most watched movie by 2022. The Netflix series is streamed 2.9 million times in the first four days. This is almost one million more than Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, who placed third, and is close to doubling the viewership of the Rings of Power.

The numbers of the Samba TV have a similar cause.

According to Amazon Prime, 25 million people watched the series premiere.

Many pointed out that Samba TV correlated the numbers with what HBO and Amazon Prime released.

According to HBO Max, the television series House of the Dragon had 10 million views in the United States, setting a new HBO record. Among the screens at the Samba, the figure is less than half at 4.8 million. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime claims that 25 million viewers tuned in to the series premiere global within the first 24 hours. This is the first time that Amazon Prime has released viewership data for any of its shows.

According to several sources, Samba TVs real-time TV viewership data is collected only through Smart TVs that install a Samba TV chip. Only 28 million smart TVs in the United States use the Samba data encryption. Watchers can be set by a number of devices. This might explain the huge difference between the telephone number and streaming services offered by the independent researcher.

Even though the Samba TV data only show a small sample size, it’ll be interesting to see which TV show is going to be top-rated at the end of the season. A fan is dependent on which show the new ones are, so long as the shows continue to give us quality content, even as they try to do a better job of comparison with each other. The fans end up winning in this rivalry.

The first season with power and house of the dragon, both renewed.

The Dragon hosts the show every Sunday at 9 AM on HBO Max. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of power is slated to release a new episode every Friday at midnight.

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