Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Intel released the specifications for all its Desktop-PC computer games (opens in new tab). Intel plans on having four graphics cards for demanding, budget-friendly and casual gamers.

Intel’s Arc A-Series for desktops will consist of Arc A770, Arc A750, Arc A580, and the already well-known Arc A380. At that time Intel has released the exact specifications of the actual graphics processing unit and recommended memory configuration, but the company’s partners can use the graphics cards for better clocks and performance.

The Arc A770 will be Intel’s best-of-the-range model based on the ACM-G10 graphics processor – 32 xe cores, 4 006 stream processors operating at 2100 MHz and equipped with 8GB or 16GB of RAM with a peak bandwidth of 560 GBps. The Arc A750 will sit slightly below the flagship and feature a cut-down ACM-G10 GPU with 28 Xe cores (2,080 shading units) working at 2,050MHz and connected to 8GB of RAM and 512 GBps of peak bandwidth. Both cards are well-known, and will be considered a classic, with the best performance of both models. A result is that they work flawlessly, offer high performance and their prices are reasonable.

Intel Arc Alchemist Specifications (IC) may rely on Intel’s Arc Alchemist Specifications.

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Intel’s Arc A580 will have a better edge than the A750, and target a few gamers on a budget who still want to get a taste of the Intel’s high-end discrete GPU. The board will come with 24 xe cores (3,072 shading units) running at 1,700 MHz, so it’s more than 30% slower than Arc A770. Unlike the Arc A580, graphics cards with 512-GB-width memory will occupy up to 8GB of GDDR6 memory.

The Arc A380 is built with the ACM-G11 GPU with 8 xe cores (1,024 shading units) operating at 2,000 MHz and with 6GB of GDDR6 memory. The book is available for around $40 from Newegg.

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Intel said that its IBCs Intel branded cards from Singapore will be available starting Day 1 (but we don’t know what day it’s day 1 for now), but it didn’t speak anything about its partners board boards. The company did not mention the prices of its graphics cards and the guidelines on the supplier boards. The pricing of these products is fairly straightforward, especially if it compared to the RTX 3060 Ti of Nvidia’s Arc A770. In a recent interview, Intel stated that Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards will be released “very soon.”

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