Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

After Apple announced the new iPhone 14 series, the Internet users show their enthusiasm or lack of enthusiasm.

We’ve selected some of the examples to get a good laugh on Twitter, which is not the social network of any company.

iPhone 14 com novo hashtag no Twitter.

Apple announced the new generation of iPhone 14 yesterday. It confirmed all the rumors about the distinction between Pro and Non-Pro models, and the commuting high prices of the terminals, as well as the high prices.

The cybernauts wasted a lot of time and posted their opinions on social networks by playing a very funny meme that proves Apple never talks. Our first video showing you is made by Portugal and the iPhone 14 is in line with the new government support measures announced this week by the Portuguese government.

Another point in which the new iPhone 14 and the new iPhone 13 have little differences, both of which have the same processor for a 15-megapixel camera, and the same design for a similar purpose.

Since I was able to buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max for the price, a lot of memes are being released and mostly people are referring to the idea of doing human things.

A mechanism for avoiding high prices of new models is circulating.

The new features of the iPhone 14 and Pro Max models also deserve a caricature that circulates on Twitter.

The older Apple models show how they function in the new models.

That is an ordinary image of cybernavigation. All content in the tweets displayed here are your responsibility for their authors who shared in conscience.

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