Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Jason Blundell is back at Deviation Games. Dave Anthony, co-founder of the building, will continue to lead the developer.

Both Blundell and Anthony co-founded Deviation Games in 2020. In June 2021, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that it’s signed a deal with Deviation Games in order to develop a groundbreaking AAA original intellectual property.

Here’s the full message from Disengagement Games: Where did she leave from?

Deviation Games announced that Jason Blundell has left the studio. We appreciate the help Jason had made, and we wish him luck in the future. This is the startling factor for our future futures. The CEO’s role as game director is still important to the development.

We’re excited to announce that Louis Castle has joined Deviation Games to become senior vice president of development. Louis, a veteran of video game history with two Lifetime Achievement Awards, co-founded Westwood Studios, best known for establishing the legendary Command and Conquer franchise.

There are countless industry veterans who have recently joined the studio, including the infamous God of War alumni Jonathan Hawkins and Dean Rymer, and the infamous Call of Duty: Black Ops star Tony Flame. Despite its diversity, Deviation is able to lead a forever evolving game industry, and further develop its now-invented, groundbreaking AAA patent.

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