Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

One of Lost Arks update was scheduled to release today, and brings new quality-of-life changes such as improvements in the chat system and improved balance changes. That update, however, is taking off the screen. The update was set to begin later today, but the patch was delayed almost 20 hours and still remains in maintenance now.

The cause of those maintenance delays isn’t obvious. Unfortunately, the Community Manager, Roxx, couldn’t give details at all on why the update was delayed for the whole day. According to Roxx, the team found a very difficult issue with the design before the 7th edition of September. The notice was issued over 20 hours ago as of today’s post-mortem.

The update was delayed and Roxx confirmed that a compensation package was on its way. Even though details of compensation aren’t disclosed, the compensation package looks like it’s been adjusted after each delay. The game is coming to live by 9 pm EST, and the server will be able to open earlier if the issue is fixed in time.

This update was scheduled to include a few bonus announcements, a balance change and a balance change for characters such as Berserker and Wardancer, and several other general changes. You can get the full september 7 patch notes from the Lost Ark site here. This article is going to be updated as soon as the update is live. I want to report back to the post where the archive shows the date of the Lost Ark server.

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