Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The new update from the football club Madden is now open. There’s been a lot of updates now for the game to solve some problems. The devs released a new set of Gridiron Notes today, which we have a snippet below showing off a few of the new changes that have been made with this update. You can read the instructions below and follow the full schedule of updates here, as it’s live now and available for download.

Credit: AE Sports

  • When a team of two are trying to make the move to a move, but for the pass blockers’ handboxes with one other, then a pass blocker will overtake the rushers as a guard of their own.
  • A issue popped up that allowed a specific shed-move to become too powerful and too frequent by user-controlled pass rushers.
  • Fixed a run-block targeting problem where the right tackle wouldn’t block the defensive end on Gun Spread Wk Base vs. specific defensive alignments.
  • Relatively, a strike-block problem left the DR reprimanded with a singleback to stop.
  • Try to maintain the tempo of controlled defenders by improving user-controlled defenders to avoid the tarnification of user-LB’s actions and then to pick up users-LB’s stacking and attacking the DL’s tack and shooting the gaps.
  • Stop-replying to punish the pass-blockers to be punished as fewer steps towards get the rushers at the same time.
    • Madden NF 23 DEV Note: This tuning should leave lines from taking themselves out of position to block blitzers and give better predicts how the rushers move.
  • In order to improve pass-block prediction, better anticipate the direction of the rusher when returning out of their position and/or moving very slowly, take action in order to get this signal up to date.
  • Fixed a problem, allowing the TE to be assigned incorrect hot-routes after using specific pre-snap motions in Bunch formations.
  • To reduce clashes on ‘Blow-Up Blocker’ interaction with user-controlled defenders.
  • Adapting to a ball carrier is an easy tool to keep the speed a bit down so that he can get more rapid.
  • Just enough to give WR players more time to play in the HB position.
    • Note: The risk of fumbling was too high in playbook packages where a WR is intentionally placed at the HB position, such as those in the 49ers and Rams playbooks. Playing out of position will still have a higher chance than not, but it will no longer risk as well as the real-life playbook, using players like 49ers WR Deebo Samuel.
  • Another rare problem caused the player to warp off the ground after catching a sideline catch.
  • Tuning to cover 4 Quarter BBs to better cover outside streak paths in Trips formations.
  • Fixed an issue causing receivers to sometimes exit the end zone while running their routes, leading to offending penalties for illegal touching.
  • Tuning to enlist elite receivers a bit more separation vs. defensive backs in man-press.
  • The focus is on improving the momentum of WRs in midair collisions with defensive backs.
  • Fixed an issue wherein HB wheelways could beat Cover 1 so frequently as to maintain Coverage.
  • When on tipped passes, adjust the catch-chance of the tipped passes to reduce the catch-chance.
  • Try, for example, keeping the AI QB with the target user-controlled CB’s & LB’s more often in Face of the Franchise’s Player-locked game.
  • A variety of animation updates for first-down celebrations pointing in incorrect directions.
  • Changed nickel position in a copper and dimmer cover 2 Man plays vs. bunch formations.
  • Updated the Detroit Lions football live playbook into a 4-3 Defense book and added three 4-3 formations to the Lions Standard Defense book.

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