Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

This season’s officially sports-sim season, and next we are called to get the NBA 2K23. The latest installment of 2K’s annual basketball series will be here on Friday. The pre-installs for the game have revealed that its current-gen file size will likely require you to clear out some space in time for its imminent arrival.

NBA2KW is the best source of information to know how large NBA 2K23 files should be, in the meantime. The Xbox Series X|S is just a 152-GB machine. As for those who a math teacher, that’s almost half of the 512GB ad on the S/S. This is really a lot more because chunk of that storage is used for other things that can’t be deleted so as to make room for games.


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The file size of NBA 2K23 isn’t much smaller in the PS5, weighing in at 147GB. PC players have been making things a little easier at 110GB, but any game larger than 100GB is still pretty much infinite in comparison to nearly anything else. The new game will even work on consoles that sell last-gen. However, the latter version is only 47GB on PS4. If there are no confirmations just on the Xbox One, it’ll likely be similar to PS4 as it is in the US.

Switch owners have the experience of being easier than those who plan to play the latest NBA game on Series S depending on their storage options. The Switch version of the game will automatically be very smaller, clocking at 49.5GB. Compared to other versions, the game won’t make up for a standard 32-GB Switch without any storage upgrades being made.

NBA 2K games are always pretty big, and the addition of a Michael Jordan campaign combined with what should be the best graphics the series has ever seen have helped the current generation version of its latest game to its fullest heights. NBA 2K23 starts on Friday, September 9. Time to fire up all of your plans and start deleting stuff.

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