Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Nickmercs family is growing! (pic: Twitter)

FaZe Clan streamer Nickmercs and his wife Emumita spotted some very exciting news on Twitter.

Nickmercs posted a cute picture just before jumping onto a Twitch stream where he sported an adorable photo saying that he was expecting his first child.

Nickmercs proposed to Emumita during the Twitch stream.

He often uses social media to share photos, and occasionally he takes his photos on his streams.

In one video, Nickmercs even asked her to select the entire Warzone class setup, but other than that Emumitas is not involved in gaming or streaming, and is very private.

To get the news out to his fans, Nickmercs shared a photo of a heart made out of flowers that had an ultrasound in the centre, and a babygrow reading Player 3 entered the game with a console controller, and Babymercs will come soon.

Babys are coming soon. YYYS

Faze Nickmercs (@NICKMERCS) September 7, 2022.

After doing Twitch, he went live and many fans noticed that he was glowing and looking very happy as he expressed his gratitude for the many good wishes and desires he and his wife received.

It’s kind of difficult to go in. The telephone won’t stop blowing. It’s not too late and since then, I see you in a community support front, and I’m overwhelmed with love and support, he said.

Some fans then started suggesting that he names his kid after Gary wrote a book. Following that, Nickmercs shut down the campaign. He said that Garys wasn’t happening.

He shared a message to his wife telling him about her pregnancy using a hidden camera. Emumita gave him a box full of items, including some snacks, but after digging deep enough, he found a positive pregnancy test and was too stunned to speak.

The pair hugged and kissed before ending the video, leaving us so happy and tears-soaked. Anyone chopping on onions around here?

Wife made good friends, but didn’t know I was on the chamomile. But fairly yaall, thanks for the love today means a lot fr. We’re very excited and excited.

I don’t have any food. YY

FaZe Nickmercs (@NICKMERCS) September 7, 2022

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