Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Overwatch 2 New Heroes whose arail passes with new members unlocked behind the battle pass.

It may be too early for the Overwatch 2 fans to be happy with the latest announcement. Those who have played the game are well aware that hero flexibility can make or break a match. They can switch between characters easily. Unfortunately, devs have decided to prevent this happening from happening anymore.

Overwatch 2 devs confirmed to the gaming public they were going to start to lock new heroes behind battle passes. On the games store page, fans saw that players need to buy their premium battle pass or try the free track. Fans weren’t very pleased with this information. Devs eventually removed this information from the page. But then, vice president Jon Spector went social to confirm this news.

Spector wrote a little incomplete information about our Overwatch 2 battle pass. Please confirm that the new heroes for Overwatch and other groups will be available during the battle.

He pointed out that players can still get free of new characters in the future. We’ll have free paths, as well in the future, we’ll get new heroes, Spector writes. What this statement specifically means isn’t completely clear at the moment. It could be simple to suggest that heroes will always be available on battle pass tracks. However, fans think this is very unlikely. Instead they speculate that devs will bring back the heroes on their future battle passes and fill the gap.

Since the announcement, fans have been asking for social media rants. They’re not very happy with Overwatch 2. In the end, it’s a huge advantage of the game, namely, having the ability to re-sign a single person for the new generation to combat the enemy.

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