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Kory SSI Friesen, former head coach of the former Gladiators team of CS9 and X-leaf golfer, is on a crowdfunding campaign to help his team while they arrive at a bootcamp in Germany. The goal of 10,000 CAD, of which over $2600 was collected since SEMPHIS announced on Monday that it was planned.

The Canadian squad recently approved the American RMR of the IEM: Road to Rio. They slid second in the North American Open Qualifiers 1, and were able to defeat to Complexity in the final round. Gladiators is one of six teams, who travel to Sweden for the RMR, which will take place at Stockholm from 5-9 Oct.

SEMPHIS and the team was eliminated from the roster in August. Dominick JazzPimp Dimpfel, Jeorge jeorgesnorts Endicott, Brendan Bwills, and Danny cxzi Strzelczyk had barely become part of the team a month ago. All six were left without an organization, the Gladiators decided to retake their entire roster. They’ve since rebranded themselves Squirtle Squad.

No pay and no sponsors do pay low.

SEMPHIS explained they were earning entry-level salaries when they were part of the Gladiators, and since their source of income has dried up they’re struggling to get the funds to attend bootcamp.

The goal of the fundraising campaign is to spend five days in Germany. They hope they can benefit from adjusting to the olympic time zone, practicing against better teams and adopting the European meta, and then go into the asymmetric RMRs, and will qualify for the IEM majors in Rio.

All donations will go towards their flights between Germany and Sweden, the Bootcamp costs, food, and other travel expenses incurred. SEMPHIS also made clear that they don’t expect anyone to donate. According to his Tweet this is purely to help us grow as teams; that is to work by the way we can, traveling in Europe costs without support.

IGL cyn1c has chosen to exempt himself from the campaign and isn’t accepting donations. This decision probably prompted him to exit the party Astronauts earlier this year, which followed the cancellation of their European bootcamp due to the misunderstanding of Germany’s vaccination requirements. cyn1c was the only one on the squad and was responsible for making a lot of confusion while navigating the travel paperwork.

This led to him a tirade on Twitter, to which he expressed his lack of faith in the team because of the constant discontent with personal and post-game problems. The first shiver was in the air when the cyn-1c and the PA player, Jonathan Jonji Carey. A cyn-1c left on bad terms. SEMPHIS clarified that cyn1c isn’t participating in the fundraiser because he doesn’t want the stigma of the last of the events he says he’ll pay his own way to alleviate any worries arising from the past.

Help is being taken out.

The highest money amount I’ve received is $500 CAD from an anonymous donor Sh3n l0ng. A full-time product manager, Jackson Wolf, raised a hundred dollars, and a 300 CAD donation was made to Evil Geniuses, the director of athletics and the director of the ELEAGUE Boston Major winner Soham valens Chowdhury.

There were other local initiative to help out and to get involved. Gabriel FalleN Toledo, assistant to Imperial, told SEMPHIS that he would stream this week to help them gather resources. SEMPHIS said they were working with the ESL, who helped teams to get around early in Europe. They’re trying to offset the cost of travelling from Germany back to Stockholm, but the bootcamp is the biggest drain of their resources.

The team has arranged a list of prizes to show their appreciation for the top three donors, in collaboration with one player of their choice, with no cyn1c. The top donors can choose from an hour-long demo review or lesson, or a GGP with all the players of choice. They also have the choice to access a complete set of strategies and setups of their choice or listen to TeamSpeak during bootcamp and there’d be open discussions later. Jeorge also offers a 1 month fitness plan or diet plan.

If you wish to support the team, go to the Squirtle Squad page to pledge.

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