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In the quarter-finals of the US Open 2022, Yannick Sinner (Italy, ATP 13) and Carlos Alcaraz (Spain, ATP 4) won the tournament’s fiery 5-set match. The final winner was a 19-year-old Spaniard.

US Open 2022. 1/4 finals

Carlos Alcaraz (Spania) Yannick Sinner (Italie) 6:3, 6:7 (7:9), 6:7 (0:7), 7:5, 6:3

The Spaniard took the 1st set by the score of 19:40. In the second game, Yannick began the break already during the third, confidently preserving his sour serve, but didn’t do a set with a score of 5:4 (30:15) in the first game. Carlos took Sinners service incredibilly and now the score is 5.6 (0:40) on Yannicks service. It seemed, it did, that everything, but no. Sinner took the game, saved three sets of points, and moved it to a tie-break.

Carlos was the first to have fumbled in the tie-break, took his pitch, but eventually returned. With the score 5:5, Yannick took a point confidently and reached his 1st set point. Alcaraz gave up, the score was now six:7, but in spite of a confident match, Sinner won the next three points and a 2 set. frank Jumper. ‘There’s no one who’s up to [email protected] | #USOpen

US Open Tennis (@usopen) September 8, 2022.

The third game started intensely, but the Italian was the first to serve. Carlos led 4:2, but couldn’t keep the advantage of being free, and needed to serve himself for the 3rd set. As a result, the score is 5:5 and the Spaniard makes a quick break. It’ll be perfect a good day for Carlos, the whole of the two of them, the piety of 30:15 in the favor of the And Sinners. The fate of the game was decided by a tie-break, which Sinner picked up with a score of seven!

Do you know Alcaraz? At first glance, it seemed that the 4th set began with a lost pitch of the Spaniard. Sinner hung back with confidence in the second half, then went up the ball and the score was 3:3, but instead the Italian was rewarded with a break and put on his duty, thereby retaining 5:3. Carlos gave only four shots for the match, but four of them is just two. Spaniard gave 3 points in one row and returned to the game. Because of the technique, the score is 7:5 in favor of Carlos, and the game went into the fifth set.

A L Y A R A Z a L C A A R A A Z

US Open Tennis – ‘usopen’ September 8, 2022

The tension in the match was incredible, it was the 5.45 hour of the game, and young tennis players took their games. With a 2:1 set, Carlos left and yearned for a confident 40:15 in his game. The score was 3:2, (40:15), but Sinner didn’t play the game, and couldn’t do it anymore. Incredible Carlos took 4 games in a row and closed the match.

This match is insanity.

Alcaraz breaks back to tie at 3 p.m.

US Open Tennis (@usopen) September 8, 2022.

The game lasts for five hours and 18 minutes. This is the fastest time of US Open history. Carlos reached the first Grand Slam semi-final. Another record was also recorded that the second time of the tournament in the US Open history was the last of the remaining eight matches.

In one of the most surprising cases,

US Open Tennis (@usopen) September 8, 2022.

En outre, Alcaraz will play with Francis Tiafoe, who beat Andrey Rublev in 1/4 final.

“I am uneasy.”@carlosalcaraz I’m not sure.

US Open Tennis (@usopen) September 8, 2022.

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