Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

The creator of the series The Boys, Eric Kripke, condemned the action of disturbing viewers who harassed actresses, including Erin Moriarty, who was filmed for The Boys on the Web, indignantly condemned the acts of toxic viewers. Indignantly, an investigation was found on the internet. Moriarty, who starred in three seasons, complained about being misogynistically attacked, and left her feeling upset.

The showrunner of The Boys himself decided to stand in opposition to oppressed young lady: “Ferry with the right”.

Hello trolls! First of all, your antics don’t go into the right place. Second, you hurt people who have real feelings. Do this in a way that isn’t necessary. Now take the pressure off the sack of a x**v and the ***beat as we can watch The Boys and not be hungry.

The filming process of the fourth season is in full swing and Moriarty won’t leave the series, despite all the hard work.

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