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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new adventure game featuring Disney and Pixar characters. Players can enjoy rich quests, explore the world and do activities that do their best.

This is now available on early access for players who have benefited from the Founders Pack or have an Xbox Game Pass membership.

A lighted fire extinguisher on the Disney Dreamlight Valley disappears from the Wall-E quest’s inventory.

According to reports, many Disney Players are facing an issue where the fire extinguisher completely disappears from their inventory.


The quests are fundamental elements of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and each character in the game has its own own unique purpose. But, players are confronting an issue in the Wall-E quest.

In order to complete the mission called The Shy Little Robot, players should talk to Scrooge McDuck in his store and ask for a fire extinguisher. Players should trade the item for Garnets to buy it.

However, players have made up their accounts on social media to report that they haven’t recived the fire extinguisher yet after the mission.

@DesneyDLV Hello, I got the fire extinguisher for WallE. Honestly, my inventory must have been full. I can’t find an extinguisher at all now. Please help Source

WALL-E Quiest Bug (Missing Fire Extinguisher) Despite the difficult task of complete the quest arc with the garnets on it, this extinguisher isn’t in my inventory. Now I have a ball and a skeleton, but it’s not found anywhere near you. Source

Some of them tried talking back to Scrooge McDuck and Wall-E again, but are unable to acquire the fire extinguisher. The players are now in the squat with the wall-E challenge.

One player was accused of being alerted to the fire extinguisher issue issue by Gameloft. But no ETA was provided for a fix.

Start, click and track to view.

We hope the issue is fixed soon so that the Disney Dreamlight Valley players can complete their wall-earth quest.

We will updating this space as soon as we can find information.

Picture source: Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

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