Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

After testing the 1440p support for the PlayStation 5 a few months ago, Sony has finally started rolling this long overdue feature for everybody.

Because we can’t lie, it would be awesome to play Marvel’s Spider-Man on a 1440p monitor with great framerates and max graphics settings.

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Those with 1440p displays aren’t the only ones who will be happy with the latest PS5. Sony revealed a long list of new features that come to the PS5 as part of the latest firmware update. These include:

  • Booster 1440 gb memory.
  • “Jobbylists”
  • Search on YouTube using voice commands.
  • Let’s allow players to install Remote Play from the PS App.
  • Share requests to your friends option.
  • Play a friend on party night.

Gamelists is a feature that lets the PS5 owners to add folders to their console. This makes playing easier and, hopefully, clarifies this cluttered backlog. Anyone can create games from the library. Every list can hold up to 100 games – with up to a five-figure limit or more than one hundred organized games.

Sony added a few notable features to the PS5, including user profile UX and voice-chats to party. Sony also allows PS5 owners to compare 3D audio and regular stereo settings more conveniently.

You can tell what you’d like when Sony was late to the console party, but it’s better than when you’d never get these features.

Now, if only we could get a PS5 without taking the whole host of hoops, we would have had a heck of a blow.

Sony could find a way to add more innovative feature to the PS5 that doesn’t sit on the Xbox Series S/X so that its console doesn’t always have to play catch up.

Speaking of Sony, head of the PlayStation Studios, Jim Ryann called out Microsoft Gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, for their lowball Call of Duty offer.

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