Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The planned reveal has been delayed for a few days now, but fans must finally look into the snapshot test of the Dr Disrespect battle royale title DEADROP.

The developer Midnight Society posted a statement about the move and will happen on Tuesday, Sept. 20. It is said that the change is so that the team can avoid crunch.

The second snapshot (SS2) introduces huge new game systems, which have a basic element of Deadrops, the statement said.

We can’t wait to find it in the hands of our Variants and play it together, but waiting is not exactly what we have to do. After discussing the work we had to do to create the SS2 service, it was clear that only the team could work far beyond normal work hours.

UPDATE: We’re going to delay release of the second #DEADROP snapshot in September to Tuesday, October 20. Here is the reason pic.twitter.com/KWvPPKwg0h is an example.

Midnight Society (8:00) September 7, 2022.

In continuing, the statement says that this isn’t the ethos of Midnight Society. The companies have no intention of supplying an inferior product to satisfy any expectations. With this time off, SS2 will complete the basic backend puzzle, while also allowing the staff to complete this without leaving a healthy work cycle.

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