Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Three43 Industries released the roadmap for Halo Infinite a week ago. There were several nice touches, such as plans for the release of online co-op and Forge mode this November. But it also contained things that caused serious indignation among the players.

In particular, in the guide for Halo Infinite, the developers announced they were completely annuling the split-screen co-op mode previously announced and expected by the players. One of the worst news is that 3rd season starts at just in March 2023, more than six months after the second season.

All this led to the lack of character rating for the game Halo Infinite on Steam. Now, recent reviews of Halo Infinite on Steam are mostly negative. Below you will see how the scores of positive and negative reviews from the game have changed after the latest news.

By anupam

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