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The last official Star Fox game, 2016s Star Fox Zero, was a little misfired because it was releasing on Wii U and requiring the GamePad to properly aim at enemies. Happily, when Nintendo’s games fail to live up to expectations or when the developer does not listen to its fans, modders put the baton on. Odds are you heard of Milton DoctorM64 Guasti and his ill-fated AM2R fan game, but do you know any thing about Chasen UndyingNephailm Lindsey and his Next Fox Show Horizon?

This Fan game of Star Fox on PC is going to be in the works since 2014. The game is being developed with the Freespace Open engine which powers space combats and is based on the Freespace 2 model. The Star Fox Event Horizon game is technically freespace 2, but before UndyingNephalim is ready, his project will become a standalone game for which to play without the source game and for free.

If you have ever played a Star Fox game, you’ll understand to the full best how this event works. The mod features on-rails and open All Range Mode segments, both of which are a lot larger and more hectic than one seen in the Star Fox title. In fact, UndyingNephailm claims that the game can generate massive battles with many major ships and thousands of fighters. But that’s just the title opening salvo.

You can watch the video below:

Star Fox Event Horizon is a simple fan game, but it is its highest-end title. According to its creator, this game has three pilotable ships (and counting) and over five, half-six playable characters from official Star Fox games and the lore and all the best of the new ones thrown into each other for the very best a bit.

When is there a ship and a pilot? Star Fox Event Horizon reproduces all the planets and enemies gamers love, with a few new additions drawn from UndyingNephalims own imagination. The games will be even bigger with every patch and add more content.

Since that game didn’t have a long time left to develop, it is not clear that it was a part of the development itself, which has become a subject of criticism, a well-known publisher, to which it sold most of its products and services. And in the meantime, andyingNephalim shook a hand in recent times for some of the actors of Star Fox’s films. Estelle Ellis recently announced that she’ll reprise that character in the mod.

Read the report below on the return of Krystal.

The first time you work on a new mod is eight years, especially since it isn’t complete yet, but because Star Fox Event Horizon isn’t UndyingNephalims only. If a Space combat sim isn’t your speed, he’s also working on a real-time strategy game with Legend of Zelda characters. Hyrule Conquest uses the open source RTS game 0 A.D. on a basis.

One such thing as Star Fox Event Horizon is the Hyrule Conquest, a love letter to its sources and adapts countless characters and monsters from Zelda games to create over 24 factions, including Gorons, Sheikah, Deku Scrubs and Stalfos, with more factions and units being added to each patch. Conquest, unlike any other Zelda-Game, despite the fact that Event Horizon does not reproduce the Star Fox experience on PC. If Nintendo had to hire UndyingNephalim and ask him to develop an official Legend of Zelda RTS, it wouldn’t likely be possible to play anything like Hyrule Conquest on the Nintendo Switch.

Even though Star Fox Event Horizon and Hyrule Conquest are still in development, you can download both tickets and try them out yourself. And, if the Nintendo decides to abandon its campaign against undyingNephalim, he has a third-ever project, the sci-fi “RTS” model. This one is, unlike other mods, an original IP, and is then safe from copyright perspective.

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