Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Industry insiders Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti said last week that Nintendo planned a “Zelda blowout” of a Direct later this month that would’ve seen the announcement of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD ports. Even though the pair still rumoured that the show might have been delayed due to the recent passing of the Queen of England.

This was claimed recently on Twitch by insider Quarterdann, which was later shared by Grubb himself. It’s worth noting that Nintendo hasn’t actually announced a Nintendo Direct yet, and therefore any delays to the show will likely not be announced to the public. Minotti and Grubb also aren’t very sure if the queen’s death will actually delay the show, but it seems likely, given the awareness the Nintendo is for about the world events.


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The company did something very similar with Advance Wars 2: Reboot Camp. Since the game was just a final product, it meant that it had re-unlocked for lucky individuals who already had pre-ordered the game – Nintendo delayed the game indefinitely due to the outbreak of a war in Ukraine. It seems like the likes of Nintendo Directs are like significant global events which happen at the same time.

In much lighter news of the game, we recently looked at Pokemon Scarlet & Violet before it releases later this year on November 18. The latest trailer of the game analyzed the villainous faction Team Star alongside its leader. An interesting new mechanic called Auto-Battles were also in a look at the game’s villainous faction, and a general concept of one of the three characters which consisted of players being chased by Titan Pokemon in order to find that “marriage of Herba Mystica.”

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