Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

SnowRunner is a new addition; the game is exciting as you spend a lot of time on the road. That’s a game that’s as deep as possible; and today, with the advent of the SnowRunner Western Star Wolf Pack, it’s a game that continues to be successful.

The western star and its fox-friendly, ready to purchase and download, adds in to the SnowRunner base game now. Buy for $9.99 and compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation and PC, the Western Star Wolf Pack adds new trucks and more exclusive cosmetics.

We see some of the latest and greatest trucks. The 57X is headed over, along with the 47X NF1424, and its variant NF1430 are the two of them.

If those trucks don’t sell a sell, then why would we include some Wolf themed liveries and stickers, or Phoenix liveries and ornaments? Good job, i’m opening the wallet, isn’t he?

The Wolf Pack contains:

  • The West Star 57X The Western Star 47X NF1424 and his variant NF1430 have the aforementioned 57X.
  • This is a exclusive livery for the Wolf Pack. This livery is similar to Western Star 49X, but requires Western Star 49X DLC.
  • The Western Star carries 4 Wolf-printed stickers for 57X, 47X NF1424, 47X NF1430. These stickers are compatible with the Western Star 49X truck and require a Western Star 49X truck.
  • The Western Star 57X is a 57×8 exclusive Phoenix livery.
  • Phoenix hood ornament for the Western Star 57X.
  • Four Phoenix stickers for the Western Star 57X.

Snowrunner has recently been optimized for Xbox Series X|S and PS5; but if you don’t play the game yet, now the time will get you involved. The Xbox Store will provide the base game for you on the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X|S (with Xbox Game Pass power pushing it out for free on request), and the same store will deliver the new Western Star Wolf Pack, too.SnowRunner is on Switch, PlayStation and PC, too.

Tell us what you think of it.

DLC Description:

The Wolf Pack is a collection of Western Stars latest and versatile trucks! Go for a 57, the 47 and the 47 variants, and for exclusive cosmetics in one DLC. Get behind the wheel of new Western Stars 3 powerhouses and learn the best of their famous versatility in all of your SnowRunner jobs.

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