Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Affordable_Cat has unveiled the trailer for its horror-length title Loggerhead.

These items are made in the style of classic characters, such as Rogue and Darks, thus allowing players to get fixed camera and complex puzzles and without additional resources. Adding to that, the game took place in the 1980s and then the visual tone and the appropriate musical accompaniment emphasized.

As mentioned, the player was killed in the abandoned mountain camp Boggarogga Creek, where one or two unsolved murders had happened before.


The developer, Chris Willis, said that My first exposure to classics like this is as well as Silent Hill. A time-thirty pace and a sense of dread in these games has driven a whole lot of imagination. It was a lifelong dream of mine to make a game as that.

The game is going to be released in 2023. Steam.

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