Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Twitch is dropping one of its most popular features, but it seems to me that the reasoning is hardly worth its effect. Twitch is also a traditional Internet user, even for nongamers. Although it started as a streamer and is not very widely used, it became a streamer general. Talk shows, games, movie watch parties and more all help us fill out the diverse stream of streams available on the platform. The platform is trying to find ways to highlight creators. Twitch supported this by allowing streamers to host another creator, with the aim of letting their viewers watch another stream without leaving the channel.

Twitch has decided to remove the hosted feature so that streamers can grow their community better. The platform noted that hosting restrictions the growth potential because they can’t speak to people who are watching from another channel. If no one comes to the actual channel, it’s impossible to connect and build a community with new viewers via hosting. Twitch is encouraging more raids which direct redirects viewers to another stream or using a new feature called shoutout, which is expected to be available this month. The shoutout feature allows streamers to put an update button in their chat, while still speaking about the next step when their next planned stream is.

“Viewers want to interact with a streamer when they live and host mode blocks that from happening,” said Twitch about removing host issues. “Preventing that viewers who’re watching have limits their success because they can’t build meaningful connections with those new viewers.”

While this will certainly make a difference, it will be decided, but in it’s in that capacity to make some sense of it. Twitch doesn’t seem to be doing this to feed other creators, rather than to provoke any kind of frustration. It’s one of many changes Twitch has made in recent months following things like the ability to stream on other platforms.

What does Twitch think of removing hosting?

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