Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Blizzard has already introduced a few new characters for Overwatch 2, but at least one more is hiding in the studio. The developers promised to show their support heroes. As a token, we’re talking about Kiriko’s short film was recently leaked to the Internet.

The original video was uploaded to YouTube, from where Activision Blizzard grew it. Although soon the video was transmitted throughout the internet, it was unremarkable to the company.

The film itself is still raw: there are bald spots with unfinished rooms, and lighting, and lots of toys for animators, etc. The characters speak Spanish, but there are subtitles also in English.

Using this video, Kiriko can teleport, heal, create an aura and add a hand seal. In that short film, a fox often flicks. Maybe the heroine is in a certain way connected to kitune a fox, that is of Japanese folklore.

The next short film will be the real premiere. According to the other leak, the player can get Kiriko from the Pass. A free version of the Battlepass and the heroine will unlock other newcomers, said the Vice President.

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