Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

A brand new Battlefield recreation is coming up and a brand new studio is gaining momentum. EA confirmed that the Ridgeline Video Games, led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, will run in the marketing campaign for the following access within the Battlefield franchise. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only truth that will inform some fans of this collection.

In addition to the ongoing battlefield campaign, the first major-grade, the newly published Ridgeline Videogames studio build a successful marketing campaign.

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After Battlefield 2042 flopped, Respawn head Vince Zampella was out of control of the franchise. With this modification got here the scoop that EA desires to construct a attached Battlefield universe where characters and occasions can be shared over a couple of video games. This is the first part of the marketing campaign this is currently building at Ridgeline Video Games.

If it doesn’t feel like EA wants to give the collection a long line, it can be a simple concept. Sadly, that’s not to get a lot of love from the long-time fanatic. Battlefield continues to be extra-era-based, with every recreation being taken from battlefield through a long period of time. The field 1 as an example, used to be built round Global Battle, and every side of the sport held consideration of that concept and targetped that concept.

The announcement was non-aware of the specialist machine, this is just a huge fear of fanatics. Some of the central criticisms of Battlefield 2042 are that you just need to play as a hero personality as an alternative to a random soldier. Now everyone seems to be 1 of 12 characters, even if they are compatible with around 128 gamers.

It’s all to mention in the Ridgeline video games announcement:

It is a nice honor to be able to collaborate with the DICE and Ripple Impact and to earn a price on expanding the narrative, storytelling and personality building alternatives in the Battlefield collection.

In different news, Overwatch 2 heroes need to be unlockable through battle pass; CDPR swears the Witcher 3 PS5 upgrade is still coming out this year.


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