Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Binance, world’s largest crypto exchange, announced today it’s going to support the proposed LUNC Tax Burn plan.

Luna Classic Burn.

The proposal from the Terra community is to burn some of LUNC stock, in order to recover the investors who lost their earnings to the dollar.

A tax on all of the transactions is the same as the new proposal. All LUNC tokens in a minute (about 1,2%), will be permanently deleted, leaving all the necessary parts of the spool to the buck, giving the total supply to the buck.

Support Binance

Binance supports the load on the LUNC. Several major crypto exchanges like KuCoin and support the Luna Classic burn of 1,2 percent.

Notice for the Tax Definition of $500 and USD for Terra Classic $ AWAY Network.

The Binance (@binance) Sept. 8, 2022

The price of 1 LUNC token is around $10,0004188 at the time of the letter. In the past 7 days, total number of 72 percent increased.

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