Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

If Capcom gets off Street Fighter 6 and more in Tokyo Game Show 2022, then you will not have to go to Tokyo, so you can watch that on the internet.

We wouldn’t absolutely rule out Capcom unveiling a few titles previously unannounced at Tokyo Game Show, but the companys recently tweet suggests that the focus should be on those we know about the games we already know. Yes, we’re trying to get a new Dino Crisis, but with Exoprimal announced back in June, we’re certain that we would get a second dinosaur-related game.

Capcom has highlighted five titles that will be put in appearances so far. Although they haven’t specified how long the stream lives, it’s a half hour-and-a-half course. So which titles are going to be on show? Here are the five games that Capcom confirmed.

  • Street Fighter 6 is up.
  • Exoprimal
  • The Evil Evil Village Edition is available in gold.
  • Monster Hunters Rise: Sunbreak: a hunter’s death.
  • Collection of the Megaman Battle Network and Tomb Raiders.

We were waiting for a closer look at Shadow of Rose, the free expansion that will be featured in the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition. As for Street Fighter 6, Capcom may reveal the remaining roster of the beat-em-ups, but the fact that they have already been leaked could take out the wind.

The inclusion of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak might have been disturbing since this expansion was released in June this year. Yet, as in the main game, Capcom has already added new features and monsters so the stream is almost certainly going to cover the future plans of the company’s PC and Nintendo Switch hunt-em-up.

The stream itself, officially dubbed the TGS2022 Capcom Online Program, will take place on September 15th, 2009 at 7 p.m. ET ET, and is available on Tokyo Game Shows, with subtitles & subtitles.

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