Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Many people around the world are currently having various AI-generated solutions such as Dall-E and Midjourney. They used billions of different images to produce images on request for the user. There are no limits to imagination here, for example, we could see how an AI could imagine the last selfie of the world. Just recently, an artificial intelligence contest has become an official art competition.

The sad woman Loab haunts AI-inspired images.

Most people understand that AI isn’t really the first one to create such images, it’s why myths and creepypastas always go viral. An AI artist named Supercomposite shared a fairly recent example on Twitter. The photograph shows a very strange-looking man with very specific requests.

The person, dite Loab by the artist himself, was probably found to be alive through a technique called positive prompt weights. By doing that, users try to get an AI to provide this with a precise contrast to what they call their requests. A weight can be assigned in different terms. The more weight the term comes in the frankest image. By this point, the AI makes up the opposite between the two types of sentences.

So supercomposite gave the word Brando a negative weight, therefore the AI created an ‘Illapore-like’ character by dIGITA. Then, when the artist punched those two words a negative, Loab appeared. All these images generated by Loabs original concept contain a very disturbing content.

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The imagery created with Loabs is shown in the accompanying Twitter thread. The artist doesn’t want to tell what type of AI he used, but explains that Loab exists in various generators.

The entire story is telling a classic story, but it’s not entirely clear why Loab appears in all these pictures. This is a perfect picture, with other characters that are actually harmless. Thus, the AI incorporated Loab into the photo. It’s probably more interesting to ask why the AI spit out the original image because of the negative weights. It is simply opposite to what the physics thinks about popular searches. It is also entirely possible that not all the Loab images created by the AI shared this disturbing aspect, but didn’t fit into the story that Supercomposite was trying to tell here. For many, it is unlikely that AI generators were cursed by an ancient spell, but a good creepypasta still is enjoyable for people.

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Overall, it’s hard to understand exactly how the Loab image was created and why it had a huge impact on the resulting image. As we mentioned earlier, AI generators had hundreds of different images and were probably too complex on the whole, for a specific purpose: to look at their results precisely. It is not that surprising that there are always new myths that make people ponder.

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