Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

We are here for a new pod-century, as the digital Wi-fi Display podcast puts people down, considering that Matthew isn’t exactly right here in weeks. I can, without fear, the citadel. This week I are speaking on our favorite cinematics in video games. Since I closed the weekend, I noticed the best piece of cinema but realized by means of guy: Michael Flatleys Blackbird.

I spend a lot of time explaining Blackbird to Nate, but we discuss cutscenes and cinematics in video games, while in addition to the fact that one of the two people used to live in-engine a few times over that time, and instead of being pre-rendered, Nate is working hard. And lately the Cavern Of Lies is a Cavern Of Justice, once we won a troubling missive from one [squints] Brond Coatwear?

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Track is by Jack de Quidt, who has outstanding chemistry in cinema.

HyperlinksCause of listener Cormac for the hesale talk and bringing up Age Of Empires IV for example, which Nate has the same opinion.

I participated in Soulslike Steelrising for a while for overview, and the cutscenes that appear are some of my favorites. That is partly because you close-ups of Aegis and the opposite robots in them, and I believe the robots are cool, partly because a lot of people are saying some words in French so that not much of the people are leaving behind a person.

Nate says Steelrising seems to be a rip off of Iron Harvest, but the iron harvest does have very good cutscenes.

Have you ever thought the Purple Command and The Command? They showed an excellent haircut, we expect. It seems that Tim Curry did a lot of time and was successful at the first impression.

I loved the movie cinematics of the pre-WOW Warcraft video games, particularly Warcraft II and III.

Nate says that the education journey in Half-Life is a model of this kind of semi-interactive cutscene you spot a little a bit in this day and age.

With in-engine clipping, there are serious system problems, such as this one from Dragon Age Inquisition, where a lizard is interrupted by an intimate scene.

These are the movies Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, and the carbonated Rio substitute beverage P.O.P. Soda (if you can recover from the BrewDog factor) this week.


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