Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Following yesterday’s introduction of the iPhone 14 lineup, Apple introduced a new satellite emergency call feature, which lets users get emergency assistance in remote areas even if cellular or WiFi are unavailable.

Apple currently uses Globalstar satellites to achieve this goal, but SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that his company had several promising talks about Starlink connectivity with Apple.

Musk claims that the iPhone design team is very intelligent and space-to-iPhone communication works better if the phone software and hardware adapts to space’s signals and Starlink doesn’t simply emulate cell towers.

Apple did not mention any talks over Starlink to SpaceX, but it isn’t clear whether its planning to partner with Musks technology.

In fact, SpaceX and Tesla announced a partnership in August to create a new satellite-to-cellular service, which will allow the two-generation Starlink satellites in low Earth orbit to be paired with 5-G microband spectrum to provide near full coverage.

In contrast to Apple’s feature, which requires the iPhone 14, the solution for the T-Mobile and SpaceX may well work with existing smartphones. The service won’t be running until 2023. SpaceX and T-Mobile still have some details to work out.

Apple Satellite is designed for emergencies and uses short text messages for emergency employees so that a user can receive assistance anywhere on the phone. The service is still free to connect with a satellite.

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