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Batman could be dead in the upcoming Gotham Knights, but this is a game of great humour in the Batman universe. And if there are some new Batman stories we could understand, it will give us great villains. There’s probably the most popular movie theater, and in many games, the DC property has a great impact on the character of any superhero. However, seeing the announcement of Gotham Knights close, it’s all natural that the excitement surrounding his roster of villains grew. To this end, we spoke about every villain in this franchise, that has been confirmed to appear in the Knights of the War, before, briefly, discussing other villains that haven’t been officially confirmed, but later, that might end up appearing in that game.

Let’s take that big turn off.


Were quite aware that the Court of Owls will be the primary antagonistic threat inthe Knightssince a couple of years before the game was even announced. When the game was unveiled, in 2020, a stubborn leak took forever to distinguish shadowy villains from the principal threat of the game. The Court of Owls is a new addition to TheBatmanmythos, having only been introduced by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo in 2011, but even in that short amount of time, it quickly became a fan-favourite. This group has been secretly controlling Gotham for centuries; so that to fight them as well as their highly trained assassins known as Talons, is a fascinating experience for theBatmanfans.


As the courts of Owls were, Mr. Freeze was the first to be officially revealed forGotham Knights, but in the past, the villains are also known as the “man-held” until he has joined the army of the famous people – a plight. His appearance in the open world movie isn’t as surprising as it is in the movie. Here we will see which role he plays in the story and how important he remains in his life. Interestingly, Freeze apparently had an arrangement with Batman to stop committing crime in exchange for the money needed for his research. However, since the Caped Crusaders supposed to die, the icy villain has returned to his old ways. AsBatmanfans will know, Mr Freeze inArkham City remains one of the best boss fights ever in a superhero game, therefore he does not disappoint.


The Penguin is another classicBatmanvillain confirmed to appear inGotham Knights and of course hes another welcome addition. We haven’t seen an awful lot of him inGotham Knightsfootage so far, but based on what we saw we went on, a game of legend seems to be getting the word over the Court of Owls. Even though he has always been patient, perhaps he is quite a protagonist.


Harley Quinn could’ve been around in the Masatos as long as the owners of other big villains have been, but within the few years that have passed since her first appearance, she has become an iconic, wildly popular character. Only recently confirmed her inclusion inGotham Knights, and is surprising thats gone down well with plenty of well. There’s also a question about what role it is in this story. I wonder why Gotham Knightsdevelopers have very explicitly confirmed that The Joker doesn’t seem to appear in the game. While we don’t know much about her narrative role in the game, we still know that at least she will be a boss fight in the game. And so, we’ve already seen some cool gameplay.


Here’s another fan-favourite- of course not mainstream hit, but definitely a widely popular Batmanvillain that has long been around for so long. Clayface has been influential in games, especially inBatman, where the city has an important role; and obviously, Gotham Knightsis has given up on its own continuity, so we were excited to see what the WB Games Montreals look like for the character. There’s no doubt that hell will have to play less than a little more part of the games story, but perhaps even get a side quest line dedicated entirely to him, or something like that, while also a clayface boss seems to be on the agenda.


Here’s an incredibly obscure area. The most recognizable actor, John, is famous for his ability to be a supervillain. He was seen by some guy in one of Gotham Knights recurrent shows or perhaps we do, at least we think. The pigs face sucked off their face like a gruesome mask, that must be Professor Pyg, right? That was the perfect match for us. Here’s hoping we’re able to learn more in the near future.


If you are the villains officially confirmed inGotham Knightsso far, it is probably safe to assume that there will still be several more that haven’t yet been discussed by the developers (and they can’t have been spoken of either immediately nor until the final version is out). Some of these, we can guess. Even though the group crest was a common mistake before the game’s introduction, the developer had to think about the matter extensively. Interestingly, IMDB also lists Mylene Dinh-Robic, voice actor of Talia al Ghul, as well as voice actors of Gotham Knights, a character which has been confirmed to appear in the game.

So far, the sequel to Man-Bat- some gameplay footage we seen has suggested that Kirk Langstrom, who becomes the vampiric Man-Bat, is dead in Gotham Knights,but it’s always always a fake-out, and that he’ll end up making appearance later on in the game, as a villain. And there is William Cobb, a dangerous Talon, at the disposal of the Court of Owls. It seems that hell, in this game, would be a really safe wager. And since he was the great-grandfather of Dick Grayson, a.k.a., he was also a great-grandfather of the man. Nightwing is one of the four characters playingable. This may have a lot of interesting narration drama.

There are still other fan-favourites, such as Deathbreak, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Two-Face, and many others. But, now, not many are of the most known figures that he will not show up inGotham Knights.

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