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Cant we decide on which version should be purchased? Also, the world’s top five games are between FIFA 23 and Ultimate Edition.

It is always a difficult decision whether to buy a standard version or go for cheaper editions with all the bonuses.

Sometimes, the bonuses are a lot, but often, they are worth it – but sometimes they can be things that you won’t use much yourself.

Here compare each FIFA 23 tournament for you.

FIFA 23 Pre-Order Bonuses.

If youre considering waiting for FIFA 23 to be sold for, you might miss out on pre-order bonuses, both for the Standard and the Ultimate Edition.

  • One FUT teams of the week player.
  • Floating a 10-game loan.
  • Three-game fUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick.
    • You can select three matches between Davies and Son.

With the newly revamped FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode, these bonuses can be used for purchase.

FIFA 23 Standard Edition.

FIFA 23 is available at the moment:

  • PS4/Xbox One five9.99 dollars.
  • PS5/Xbox Series X/PC/Stadia $69.99.

The Standard Edition includes:

  • FIFA 23-man base game, excluding competition.
    • FIFA 23 is the game you choose.
    • This edition will not be able to get older in the next generation. So if you buy a PS4/XBox One copy, you’ll need to buy it for PS5/Xbox.
  • Career Model Homegrown Talents – Career Mode.
    • This is a local youth prospect with world-class potential which players can use to improve their career team.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition costs $99.99 on all platforms.

You can expect the final version with a full full face.

  • Three days a week – early access.
  • Dual Entitlement
  • Ones to Watch a Player Item for the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.
  • 4600 FIFA points.
  • Everything in the Standard Edition was all done in a standardized format.

Both editions will include all the pre-order bonuses when mastered, even if they are acquired before the FIFA 23 officially released. You can see our official countdown for the FIFA 23s release date here.

EA Play FIFA 23 Access.

If you are not paying for a full price for FIFA 23, then it’s possible to also earn a 10-hour trial or even full access to the EA Play.

EA Play is a free subscription service that gives players some items for certain titles and even access to certain games.

Follow these steps to get a seat at EA Play.

  • Go to the official website of the EA Play website.
  • Select Now join.
  • Click on the platform you want to purchase EA play.
  • From there, sign up for one month or one year subscription.
    • Monthly $4.99.
    • Every year, 99,99 dollars are spent.
  • If you play on PC, then you may also sign up for EA Pro Play for:
    • That is $14,99 per month.
    • 99,99 dollars per year.
    • If you sign up for EA Pro Play, you will have unlimited access to all EA games. This means that you can play FIFA 23 as long as you want when it releases.

The base AAP-A will allow players to play FIFA 23 for 10 hours through Early Access. But PC players have an option.

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