Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Disney announced Illusion Island, a multi-player platformer that uses the Super World of Mickey Mouse exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Disney and Marvel will be running a gaming show at D23, revealing new games and giving more detail about certain games already announced. One of the early surprises was Illusion Island, a four-player platformer based on the most recent animated Mickey Mouse series.


It’s normal for You to have fun on a TV show.

The short trailer showed the four-player platformer in action, and it’s strikingly similar to Ubisoft’s Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, with all four players imagining different worlds in an unique way. I think that while I am focused on cooperative gameplay, I don’t know how to predict that the character can be played on their own and that a single player isn’t required.

The short trailer didn’t reveal a lot of gameplay, so it seems like each of the four characters has the same move, but other animations still lend themselves to different things – Goofy, who uses a mustard bottle to glide, Donald whitling his fist, and Mickey using a pencil to cling to a wall. It seems that the 4 of them can also use a grappling hook to catch their movements over the distance.

At the end of the trailer, I also revealed that Illusion Island will become a Switch exclusive sometime in 2023. It would be nice to compare Illusion Island to New Super Mario Brothers, as the two-player platforming approach is more complex. Thankfully, the players don’t seem to be bouncing from each other here.

Interestingly, Illusion Island leaked a few months ago on Reddit, and several concepts and worlds are displayed in the show trailer. The initial leak didn’t reveal the name Illusion Island, but the unique art style and the clear inspiration that emerged from the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse make the difference in the two games.

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