Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

James Gunn, who directed the film Guardians of the Galaxy, admitted on social networks that shortly before receiving an offer for a picture about Marvel heroes, he wanted to play the Hitman game, but was refused to do that.

Gunn said he himself suggested that the studio create a movie because it is based on the game, and the idea was liked by everybody except the producer. He didn’t approve the directors’ request.

Gunn noted that he was very upset at the time, but never reflect in a long time: he offered to create the Guardians of the Galaxy. That movie has been released in 2015. With an estimated budget of 225 million dollars, worldwide box office receipts exceeded 700 million dollars.

The photo of hers! Agent 47 was eventually shot by Alexander Bach. She also worked at the box office, but her scope was incomparable. The budget of the tape was 35 million dollars, box office 87.

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