Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Most automakers are hoping to develop batteries that have faster fuel storage and fire safety than the existing batteries in the end of the decade. Japan companies could become the lead on new generation batteries, and the competition may become competitive.

Image Source: OKI Engineering

The Steel Company, which ties to Nippon Steel Technology, will start testing the battery-cells according to customer criteria on March 20, 2023. This will allow the testing of solid-state batteries in the foreseeable future. Theoretically this will give the clients of this research center the possibility to put closer together the mass production of traction batteries with solid state electrolyte.

OKI Engineering already testing electronic components such as capacitors, is ready to offer such tests as batteries for prototypes, but will soon start testing battery cells for electronic devices, then turn to the traction battery on electric vehicles. OKI expects to earn up to $3.5 million annually from such services by 2025. In addition to testing batteries under high heat and humidity, the OKI specialists are ready to carry out more types of tests at the request of our customers.

Solid-state batteries used in electronic devices already being mass-produced, but sulfide-based solid-state batteries will be used for electric vehicles, and yet can not be mass-produced. Toyota Motor Corporation wants to introduce a hybrid car built by batteries with a solid electrolyte. Competing Honda and Nissan are simultaneously conducting their own development on the construction of solid-state traction batteries. Maxell is going to roll out solid-state batteries in the coming months and TDK is currently supplying similar cells for consumer electronics. Analysts estimate the size of the solid state battery market from 2019 until 2035 will increase more than 1000 times to one4,5 billion. The most important part of this turnover will be in the traction batteries for electric vehicles until the end of the forecast period.

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