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The LCS Championship will come to an end in the end of this week, just three teams are missing due to a run to the title. With the start of the final, with C9 waiting in the finals, its up to 100th of the ages and two Evil Geniuses to take on this Saturday to determine the second finalist.

Not only that, but winning means a spot in the Worlds 2022 group stage. How can we expect that series?

Making creative.

LCS Championship Preview 100 T vs. EG.

The two teams have been to the top three, but only one of them will advance. The other will have to fight against all the other wildcards and 4th seed from the major regions at Worlds play-in stage. With so many rosters this year, NA teams will be difficult to get out of play-ins. With this in mind, the series will have a very important meaning for both of us.

One side, there’s 100Thieves, who made it to the semifinal but didn’t come into the final with C9, who seems to be the undisputed number number number one team. A very team oriented group and loves playing aggressively in the early stages of the game. Having said that, many other teams also noticed this pattern and have started to grab these comfort picks for 100T. When that happened, 100T struggled to replicate the results because they drafted late-game scaling comps without much success. Despite that, their front-to-back doesn’t seem as strong as their back.

EG have shown the ability to better draft those late-game team comps. Not only that, EG always enjoys drafting multi-tasked comps that are extremely ultimate-dependent. Although I thought that EG could have made a draft advantage and made it much closer, EG announced that the starting ADC Danny won’t be starting for this last week’s LCS Championship. In the public statement, Danny had to quit due to mental health issues. In his stead, EG will field Muhammed Hasan Kaori Senturk on his academy roster.

The decision has greatly changed the expectations coming into the series. I was expecting very close series, and both of them had the chance of making it through. To get the new information, I would like 100 Thieves much more. The academy’s EGs didn’t perform well during summer, and the ADC player is a few tiers below Danny. Not to mention the lack of time preparation and synergy that comes from a recent change like this.

Nevertheless, LoL is still pretty good for the series, especially at. There are some of the best, so don’t forget to pick among those that::

  • Winner: 100T (1.35x)
  • Correct map score: 100T 3-1 EG (3.39x)
  • Total death: over 96,5 (1,64-x)
  • Match handicaps: 100 T | -14,5 (2,09x)
  • First Blood: EG 2,19 x et al.
  • Total tower: under 11,5 (2.29x)
  • Three dragons were killed in total: over half (2.01x)

Can someone beat C9?

Cloud9 has moved from mediocre summer split to locking Worlds. With the roster they gave, they were more likely to dominate the rest of the competition. It looks like the things’ been done for them some time, but still, they may have done something for all. But can there be a team that can fight with the current C9 roster?

Since I’ve mentioned earlier about EG, I don’t think they are much close to them. The 100T was also destroyed in the champions, which I’m hoping will tell you that nobody is on the same platform as Cloud 9. As is the case every year when Worlds are coming to an end, Cloud9 is probably the best team in the field. They hope they can defend the fight against LLB and LCK best teams.

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