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One of my favors of sharing a fluff post I occasionally use is to report on folks who have achieved fame by being wrongly accused of wrongly in MMOs, and that aims to simply be unto the object of their own discovery. That’s my preferred method, so I can be honest. I’ve leveled by making, by discovering places, by murdering players, and (more pleasantly) by training other players. I even went black.

If you’ve not leveled (or otherwise progressed) in an MMO, then you’ll go a bit longer, with the better. What was the game, how were you doing, how did it work, and can you make it all right?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Gosh, there’s a few things I can think of. The The Asherons Call 2 had skills that gave you XP, when they were used, and they weren’t always active. For example, while on the server of PvP, I performed an amazing trick with the Defence skill, so it’s easier for people to determine my basic stats, compared to the general. I had the feeling for an odd moment when someone tried to tell my character about a distance. Between gaining level and learning how to ID me, I ran after the guy who triggered it. Even though he knew just how low it was I sounded!

I asked for a cup of tea and had a cup of tea. Yes, the skill for weapons and armor, and even machines were a skill. I would like to hear that someone leveled up by going into the game with a bunny?

There were no trade classes in this game, but there were no trade skills, therefore my cook character was infatuated with hamburger and sausages full of rat tails. It was in place that in the year 1975 that the classes of XIX ate trade courses, which also had skills (that is absolutely not surprising, because some of the higher-ups were David Bowman, who had previously worked on AC1) and once I leveled up with a spoon or another dishware. In a similar vein, I think I recall expressing some anxiety when it comes to this area, if I ever thought that I had to get a job with the help of God. They’re not like cloth dyes, but as a result of being murdered by mobs. There may have been other weird Gorgon level-ups, because the game has an unusual, wild skillkit, and that’s when a former player in the AC2 team does that. Honestly, games with a good skill set are the best.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I thought that would be easy since I think about so many weird techniques and activities in MMOs, but if I did anything so I would probably do it. I got some things wrong:

  • Ultima Online had weirdo skills, such as Forensic ID. This way you could use it on players and NPC corpses to find out whoddunit and how they went. I knew people who reached 100.
  • Maybe the weirdest thing I did in UO (as it is the first year of the game, for you) was kill an old friend and resurrect him, a lot of times, to maximize my healing. (Best friend of all time!
  • The cake should be given to evil lords who leveled their cooking skill by cutting their players’ victims into their body parts and roasting them on campfires.
  • I was the first person on my original Star Wars Galaxies server to finish creating a Graphic Design, that said, do hair and make people look like Neo. That was not the best part; people traveling from Planets apart, so I could train them, so I leveled the point I needed to train other things.
  • Guild Wars 2 is the equivalent of combat and crafting experience. At one time, I have a certain number of characters I leveled almost to 80 at first. Why not?

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I don’t understand what that’s really weird. However, in Final Fantasy XIV, one of the most pleasant ways I have increased the alt jobs are with the Duty Support system that lets you run dungeons on single platforms for members of the main cast. Is this the most efficient? Probably not. But what you’re talking about is much more laid-back and stress-free, particularly since I’m learning a new class and can’t worry about bringing down the PUG, but I do not have to worry about it, but so far I can’t imagine what it is like.

Sam Kash – @thesamkash): I’ve been rushing past 10 minutes trying to think of times I’ve done that. I think the taste of vanilla ice cream will be boring. I usually don’t need to try to set up a game.

I got the closest level I could be to GW2s WvW. Even though you are underpowered, youre climbed to the max level and still gain XP tenable from the level level. It doesn’t directly rank for the quest ladder, which is just a factor.

Another time that I can think of that might count was when I played a browser, called Dragon Sword (I think). This internet was established in 2005. I can’t remember precisely if I’d level a lot and still do it. But that was a good sign of the good-administered group that would go up with town and kill them. The good/evil system was based on user votes so players could downvote me by going a blind eye or something. I guess I got the top of the bad guy chart, so in case of a beating in the game, I would get the better.

Tyler Edwards, (blog): The only thing I have ever done that could qualify for this is that back in the WoW cataclysm I leveled a warlock without using pets. I never liked dog mechanics in traditional MMOs. But I loved everything about warlocks (which was before Grimoire of Sacrifice was a thing), and always felt that WoWs questing was too simple. These kinds of birds got killed with just one stone.

I should note that I wasn’t very careful about it. Though most of my leveling was without pets, I still pull out my demons now and then even though I was soloing a group quest or anything. I had a good time running dungeons with him, because I didn’t want to disadvantage my team.

That was very exciting. I will say even without pets questing was relatively easy more often than not. This really shows you how trivial WoWs open world is, but going without my demons helped a lot. I found it really helped the character live for me. While I’m not a character-player in the sense that I’m acting like someone acting out stories with other people, I think I understand my backstory and personality. I decided to avoid summoning demons because she has a special hatred for demonkind, but began to delever into fel magic so she could turn off their own power against them (imagine my joy when Grimoire of Sacrifice was announced).

I originally wanted to a one-off leveling challenge for my warlock, but I fell so in love with the character and the class that she supplemented my mage, and became one of my most-played WoW characters.

It’s literally the whole point of a life. It’s your turn!

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