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Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTG Arena) is a digital version of the classic magic collectible trading cards game of the 1990s.

A game created by Wizards Digital Games Studio is now available in Free-to-play on Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.

While many players of the MTG Arena are experiencing a frustrating problem that hinders them from enjoying the game.

MTG Arena unresponsive or freezes after sacrificing a card or resuscending by a magic.

According to several reports, MTG Arena players face a freeze of the game or become completely unresponsive after sacrificing a card or stealing with a magic (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).


This issue starts when the player is on their turn, tries to activate the magic card against an opponent or sacrificing/discarding a card.

After that, the MTG Arena freezes or becomes unresponsive so the turn timer expires and the player loses the turn.

This issue only happens in the latest update of the mobile version of the game that is currently available on the computer.

Is the voltage surge bugged or I’m missing something? I didn’t win a total game, and can’t discard it with a bloody token. I paused every time I tried. The turn turned off automatically. Source

The Voltage Surge is faulty on mobile devices due to this fix. If you cast it it won’t resolve it. You’ll fall in the midst of a timeout, lose your turn or even pass our priority. Your mana will be stolen, and the card will be stored in your hand. I am on an Applephone. It’s been 5 times since then. Source

This is making the players hard to enjoy the game. Some say they tried using generic troubleshooting methods such as clearing cache and reinstalling the game, but nothing seems to help right now.

Official acknowledgedment

The Wizards Support acknowledged the problem and said they are currently investigating it. I do not think there is much evidence that the solution is acceptable.


In the meantime, players can only wait for the developers to release a fix just because we haven’t seen an unsolved problem yet.

Similarly, if there are new developments about the subject coming up in the coming days, we will update the article with all the relevant information.

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