Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

When the open beta of multiplayer has spread, the balance changes will always change. That’s the genesis of the new game, which has zeroed in on balancing some of the games’ global system and some specific members of the roster.

One of the more larger parts of this balance puzzle is a change to the hitboxes and hurtboxes of characters. Now the mesh is attached to character models and animations instead of a static pill shape for all characters. The notes do not specify that most attacks have seen this update.

Another major piece of the patch is related to projectiles, which are standardized projectiles that provide an easy and more predictable defense to the players. This patch adds a heavy projectile and stops characters from taking damage from a bloating projectile.

The mystery machine uses a powerful hand to haul a character out of her shell. Having made a lot of noise, some players were complaining about how cops should be making characters disappear… i.e. LeBron James.

Sources: the official page.

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