Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Fortnite has managed to maintain and grow a user base over the past five years, that could rival any other live-service game. It’s been five years since Epic has wanted to celebrate that in that game. For example, Fortnite will host a celebration of Battle royales birthday with cake and possibly more on the map.

The leak was shared first by the German Fortnite dataminer MinaRado on Sept. 26. As it will approach that date, Epic is likely to unveil the cake and any other celebrations it has planned.

In the short clip posted on Twitter, Fortnite is very good sized, so can make a big difference to your game.

Die B-Day Torte in-game pic.twitter.com/qfjK0mmnZwn.

Mida (@MidaRado) September 8, 2022

Epic has hosted different contests spanning previous birthdays, with weapon wraps, emoticons and back bling. The third birthday of the game came from a famous cake emote that is blowing in the players face.

The game also adds new things to Fortnite Creative such as prefabs, props and maps created by patterns to celebrate the occasion.

With Fortnites beginning on Sept. 18, Epic must wait until after the start of the third season, where it’s the fourth season of chapter three. When there are rumors about how spooky the next season is, it is possible for you to celebrate the battle royale.

Even if that happens, the players aren’t excited to celebrate their birthday.

Whether Epic chooses to celebrate its birthday during rainbow season or the next gloomy season, players will have the opportunity to eat all the cake they want in the long run.

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