Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

The LCS Championship finals are in the horizon. Cloud 9s bot lane duo already picked the team that they will be hoping to finish Sunday’s final.

Zven and Berserker discussed their most recent series against 100 Thieves in an interview with their YouTube channel. As soon as they get in the final, both of them discuss the opponents they will face in the final, and both have similar expectations when it comes to their potential rivalits coming to 100 Thieves.

When the owner explained why 100 thieves would have reached the final, Berserker was using the practice and the recent results in the LCS. I feel like watching LCS and looking good, and, he said, a lot of people want to watch it.

On the other hand, Zven added Evil Geniuses series against TSM was really noob, so he thinks 100T is a better team. This video was recorded by the EGs, which took a beating at Liquid. Zven agrees with his Transport draughty.

The Dane said that he was proud to play 100 Thieves on Sunday.

Furthermore, Danish support is excited to play in front of the fans in the United Center of Chicago. He says he was one of the first to win his two previous LCS trophies when fans didn’t listen to him for their success. So as to win his third trophies, he hopes to get fans angry.

The 2022 LCS Championship returns this Saturday with 100 Thieves taking on Evil Geniuses in the upper bracket final.

On Sunday, the winner will face C9 for North American title.

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