Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Activision Blizzard is launching Overwatch 2 in less than a month. If you didn’t have the right marketing equipment, you wouldn’t know it. Worse still is that the sequel tends to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The more Blizzard talks about Overwatch 2, the more they risk the next game.

One last month, Blizzard got people talking about Overwatch two after asking if they wanted to pay for more expensive skins. It’s worth noting that Overwatch 2 will ditch loot boxes in favour of battle passes, which is the same approach that Diablo 4 takes. Although fans are pleased to know that Blizzard is removing a game equal to legal gambling from Overwatch, it seems that the company can’t stop digging a hole.

Overwatch 2 will be free-to-play, so there won’t be any risk for anyone who wants to try it.

Jon Spector, VP of Blizzard has revealed how to unlock Overwatch 2 heroes, but it isn’t good.

Specifically, Blizzard’s statement about the unlocking of heroes in the Competitive Overwatch subreddit makes sure premium gaming users will get access to new heroes and free users should grind for them.

Since we have a few incomplete info earlier regarding our Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, we’ll be sharing all details before coming back to the new location. But for the free download, we will want to confirm that new Overwatch 2 heroes will be available.

Jon Spector (@Spex_J) September 8, 2022

It’s not bad in the fans. Overwatch allowed all the heroes to play for free. That’ll create a level of play for everybody. Now, the sequel’s hiding all its new heroes under a paywall, but under the same rules as the paywall, which isn’t a good idea. Similar to first game, its sequel will revolve around counter-picking. That means that fighting a opponent is much harder. You can’t play a direct counter a lot because you don’t have access to heros or anything else.

If you think it is that what Overwatch 2 would like isn’t different from what other shooters like Apex Legends did for years. If there’s anything, Overwatch players should feel amazing that there’s a way to earn each character without paying for anything. But, you can’t blame overwatch fans for protesting against something easy a change for the worse.

Keep in mind that industry norms don’t necessarily equal fair practice.

Overwatch 2 has many red flags, so it would be disappointing if this isn’t a mess.

It’ll be interesting to know how well the Overwatch 2 launch will be next month. Although Blizzard billed it as a sequel, it seems like a massive overhaul patch disguised as a follow-up. The revamp is essentially to replace new maps, heroes and modes, and also a delay of PvE. On its own, it will be clear that all these improvements will help Overwatch catch up with its former counterparts. Yet, Blizzard should know better than upset the few other fans that have remained fans that Overwatch has still. If Overwatch 2 will hide new heroes by making people grind for them (and pay if you have a premium Battle Pass), then it’s hard to question their thinking.

Speaking of Overwatch, Microsoft CEO, Phil Spencer promised the shooter will join the Game Pass with Diablo and Activision’s marquee shooter, Call of Duty.

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